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Azerbaijan Cooperation University

Azerbaijan Cooperative Institute until 2001

Year of creation: 1964

State Accreditation: According to the decision of the Ministry of Education dated 13.07.2012, 1361, the Accreditation Board of ARTN accredited for 5 years as a private higher education institution.

License: By the Order No. 411 dated 15.03.2012 of ARTN, the license for the preparation of personnel for bachelor’s and master’s degrees (071001 registration number 137) was issued.

Multiprofile University

Azerbaijan University of Cooperatives is a multidisciplinary leading non-state higher education institution that carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of preparation of specialists for all levels of higher education, implementing additional educational programs.


The foundation of Azerbaijan University of Cooperatives was founded in 1964. Under the decision of the Government of Azerbaijan and the Board of Directors of the Azerittifag, the Central Consumer Societies Union of the former Soviet Union adopted a decision on January 8, 1964, for the first time, the Baku Cooperative Institute (CSI) established a Baku Educational Advisory Point and entered the student’s trade economics and commodity specialties.

Baku Educational Advisory Station has been transformed into the Baku Declaration of Economics in 1969 with the relevant decisions of the former USSR Centrosoyuz, and in 1974 became the Baku Branch of the Central Committee of the CPS. In 1975, by the decision of Centrosoyuz, the branch was excluded from the CIA and transferred to Ukraine’s Poltava Cooperative Institute and was subordinated to the CIA in 1990. In these years, the branch has been training for 5 specialties, including for the first time in the country the specialty of economics and organization of agricultural products procurement.

After gaining independence, the Baku branch of the Moscow Cooperative Institution (MCC) was transferred to the property of Azerittifag, with the Decree No 31 of March 19, 1993, by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the basis of that branch Azerbaijan Institute of Cooperation was established and its Charter was approved. When creating the institute, there were 2 faculties and 6 departments.

Under the relevant order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, since 1997, a Master’s degree is being prepared at the University.

Following the establishment of the Azerbaijan University of Cooperatives, consistent and purposeful work has been carried out to strengthen its material and technical base, to improve the composition of the teaching staff, to expand the number of staff trainings, and to eliminate the level of education. The total area of ​​the teaching body is 10500 sq. M. meters. Additionally, the F-16 decree of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Azattifat was signed on August 16, 2011 by the order No. 2000 (two thousand) sq.m. from the 4th and 5th floors of Baku Business and Cooperative College. the teaching area is allocated.

At present, the university trains specialists in bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels. In eight faculties of the University, students are trained in 19 specialties in Azerbaijani and Russian languages. The University has 20 departments, more than 50 labs and subject rooms, 4 computer labs, a library and reading room with over 30,000 copies of book fund, typography, medical center, gym, cafeteria, archive. There are 17 professors, 112 assistant professors and PhDs (PhDs), 96 teachers, senior teachers and assistants in the preparation of highly-qualified students. Organization of training and out-of-school training is provided by a teaching staff consisting of 86 people and a tute service.

The Azerbaijan University of Cooperation cooperates closely with universities of CIS countries, as well as universities of the USA, Turkey and Baltic countries. This educational institution was awarded the Grand Prix of the US International Marketing Institute in 1998 for its achievements in the field of education. The University has a commitment to exchange students and teachers with universities in Turkey, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia and other countries.

Following the adoption of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Education in January 21, 2011, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted a new Statute of the Azerbaijan University of Cooperatives in connection with the approval of the Model Law of Higher Education on December 7, 2011, The Ministry has been registered with the Ministry.


F-03 – Economy

F-02 – World economy and commercial

F-04 – Management

F-01 – Finance

F-08 – Accounting and industry organization

F-05 – Marketing and management

F-06 – Expertise and technology

F-07 – Pedagogy

F-09 – Correspondence Department

F-10 – Department of PhD and Masters

F-03 – Economics, associate professor Ibrahimov Elshan Ali oglu headed the Faculty of Economics. The faculty includes K-05 Department of Economic Theory and Economics, K-06 Department of Customs Organization, K-07 Civil Defense and Life Safety Chairs. The faculty trains specialists in 050404 Economics, specialty.

F-02 – Candidate of economic sciences, world economy and commercial faculty, Nabiyev Mammad Allahverdi oglu. The faculty includes K-03 World Economy and K-04 Commerce Chairs. The faculty prepares specialists in 050401 – World Economy and 050411 – Commercial specialties.

F-04 – Assistant professor  Leader of the department Nadir Tofig Kerimov. The faculty includes K-08 Business Organization, State and Municipal Administration, and K-09 Foreign Languages Departments. The faculty trains 050409 -Business Management and 050410 – State and Municipal Administration specialties.

F-01 – Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Associate Professor Sabina Izzat gizi Valiyeva. The faculty includes K-01 Finance and Banking, and K-02 Humanities. The faculty trains highly qualified specialists in 050403 – Financial specialty.

F-08 – Candidate of Economic Sciences Associate Professor Gafarov Nizami Jalal oglu headed the Faculty of Accounting and Industrial Organization. The department includes K-18 Accounting and Audit, K-19 Agrarian and Industrial Economics and K-20 Philosophy and Psychology Departments. The faculty trains specialists in the field of 050402 – Accounting and Auditing and 050405 – Industry Organization and Management.

F-05 – Faculty of Marketing and Management. Maharramov Eldaniz Mazahir is the leader. The faculty includes K-10 Marketing and Tourism Service, K-11 Management and Trade, K-12 Ecology and Geography Departments. At faculty 050408 – Marketing, 050407 – Management, 050510 – Ecology 050506 – Geography and 050810 – Tourism and Hospitality.

F-06 –  Economic sciences, Associate Professor Huseynov Mohubbat Musa oglu is the head of the Department of Expertise and Technology. The faculty includes K-13 Commodity Research and Expertise, K-14 Standardization and Technology and K-15 Informatics and General Engineering subjects. The faculty trains specialists on 050642 – Food Engineering, 050643 – Technology of packed goods, 050644 – Expertise and Marketing of Consumer Goods, and 050647 – Metrology, Standardization and Certification Engineering.

F-07 – Pedagogical faculty is headed by candidate of historical sciences, docent Aliyev Zakir Murtuz oglu. The faculty includes K-16 Translation and K-17 Mathematics departments. The faculty prepares specialists in 050501 – Mathematics and 050203 – Translation (English) specialties.

F-09 – The correspondent department is headed by docent Huseynov Khanoglan Andaif oglu. There are 12 specialties in the department.

F-10 – Magistracy department / assistant professor Nabiyev Amiraslan Mahammadali oglu. The department trains specialists in 7 specialties and 27 specialties.

F-11 – Associate Professor Kerimov Elsevar Nariman oglu. There is a doctorate and dissertation on PhD programs in the department.

  1. Guluzadeh Mahmud Mammad – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor (1992-1994) – was born on December 22, 1938 in Pelikk village of Tovuz region. In 1967 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of AUL. Since 1992 he worked as an assistant professor at the Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy. In 1972, he defended his dissertation. At present, he is Associate Professor of the Azerbaijan State Economic University.
  2.  Gengiyev Ganjali Aziz oglu – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor (1994-1995) – born 19 February 1942 in Astara city. In 1965 he graduated from the Azerbaijan Agricultural Academy. Until 1994, he worked as the head of the department at the Institute of Economy at the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. He has been a scientific director of a large number of doctoral and dissertants, author of more than 10 monographs, textbooks, textbooks and programs. Currently he is the Head of the World Economy Department of AUCA.3
  3. Guliyev Firaddin Murtuza – Associate Professor (1996-2000) – was born on February 26, 1938 in Aybasanlı village of Fuzuli region. In 1967 he graduated from the Economics Department of the Azerbaijan State University with a degree in Accounting. From 1995 to 1995 she was the dean and head of the department at Azerbaijan State Economic University. He has scientifically supervised a large number of graduate students and dissertants and has a number of scientific works. He died in 2005.
  4. Zulfugarov Eldar Islam oglu – professor, (2000-2011) – was born on May 1, 1954 in Shamkir region. In 1974 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of Physics. In 1977-1990 he worked at the Institute of Radiation Problems of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, in 1986 he defended his candidacy and defended his doctoral dissertation in 2009. He died in 2012.
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