Eldar Allahyar oghlu Guliyev

Deputy of the National Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Central Cooperative Union of Azerbaijan – Chairman of the “Azerittifag”, Rector of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

He was born on July 26, 1951, in Baku. In 1968, he finished the school N187 in Baku, and in 1969, he entered Azerbaijan Agriculture Institution named after D. Bunyadzadeh (present Azerbaijan State Economy University). He became economist after graduation in 1973. During 1973 – 1974, he worked at Scientific Research Institution. He served in the army during 1974-1975. In 1975 – 87, he worked at responsible occupations in the system of Trade Ministry of Republic, in 1981 – 85 he was busy on his scientific research work as postgraduate at Azerbaijan Agriculture Institution. During 1987 – 1990 he worked as the chairman at the Union of Azerbaijan Central Corporations. In 1990, he became the deputy of the chief of Board of Directors of the Union of Azerbaijan Central Corporations, and since 1993 he has been the chairman of Board of Directors. He is the rector of Azerbaijan Corporation University, and also he is Dr. of Economy and professor of this University.

He has been elected as MP, from II, III, IV, V challenges, of National Assembly of Azerbaijan Republic. He is the deputy of the chairman at the committee of Agriculture Policy in the National Assembly. In 2011 he was elected as the Honored member of Parliament of the parliaments of Turkish-spoken countries, and also was assigned as the leader of the representative staff of Azerbaijan in Parliament Assembly of the Black Sea Cooperation Organization.

For his scientific expanded activity, he has been the real member of the International Sciences Academy of Research of Turkish World, European Natural Science Academy in Hannover, Germany, the International Economic and Social Sciences Academy of Italy, and became the Honored Doctor of Sukushvily Technique University of Georgia Republic. He is “The Honored Scientist” of Rome. He has been awarded of the medal of “Gold Star” and “Ataturk International Award” by International Sciences Academy of Research of Turkish World, “Crowned Service” order by Award Committee of UNO, “Senator Star” and “Gold Eagle” orders by European Natural Science Academy, and “European Service Order” by UNCOPA, in 2012, he has been deserved the honour name of “Honoured Scientist of Europe”, by the awarding “Leybnis” medal in Berlin, Germany. His many scientific works and books have been published and issued not only in Azerbaijan and post-soviet countries, and also in Turkey, the USA and some European countries. In March 2017, one of Germany’s most prestigious printing house “Global food security Published: Realities, Challenges and Perspectives” book was published. One of the world’s global problems – this book is devoted to the problem of food security by the expert committee of the central library of the fund has been adopted by the United Nations in Switzerland. In 2011, July, he was awarded of “Honour” order by the president’s order of Azerbaijan Republic for his efficient social – political activity. He is married with two children.

There was the great presentation of the book “Global food security: realities callings and perspectives” in November 2017, in Rome, the capital city of Italy. There were well-known scholars from academic and educated schools, the international companies of Rome, especially the representatives of Food and Agrarian Organization (FAO) of UN in the event where Public Awards of UN awarded the Professor Eldar Quliev’s book for its world essentiality as the “Book of the Year”. At the same time, Vatican Boniface Academic awarded Professor E. Quliev with the diploma as the real member (academic) at the presentation.

Eldar Quliyev has been awarded as honorary ambassador of Science and Peace by UNCOPA of UN acts in Geneva, Switzerland and also has been awarded the international title as the Scientist of the Year in Turkish World by international Scientific Academy of Turkish World Research for his book “Global food security: realities,callings, prespectives” and for his efficient activity at international organizations. Both awards has been presented on June 1, 2018 at the international scientific practic conference “The problems of provision of food security of independent Azerbaijan government and the increase of competitiveness of agrarian sphere” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

1. Features of state regulation of foreign economic activity in modern period. The textbook is for universities. Baku, “Cooperation”, 2011.

2. Customs Organization. The textbook is for universities. Baku, “Cooperation”, 2012.

3. Reliable food supply system: Cooperation and Integration problems. The textbook is for universities. Baku, “Science” Publishing House, 2013.

4. Agrarian economy. The textbook is for universities. Baku, ‘Cooperation’, 2015.

5. “Global food security: realities, challenges and prospects” – monographs, Germany, Cologne, 2017.

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